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I cannot tell you how happy I am to be writing this post!!!!  When I started on my journey with Candidly Inspired Photography I dreamt, like many photographers do, of someday having my own studio space!  The dream at the time seemed so out of reach and very far fetched!  When I started photographing newborns the sessions always started by loading my car with ALL my backdrops, bean bag, buckets, baskets, heater, flooring and props GALORE!  Whew and was my car ever packed to the gills!  I would often fantasize as driving in my FILLED TO THE BRIM car, obscuring any view of those around me (not safe at all), of the one day I would no longer have to pack, load, unload, session, reload, unpack, wash, put away then repeat all over again for the next session!  And did I mention the sessions that the preferred location or perfect light source was up a whole lot of stairs!!!!!!!  Sounds like a lot huh?  Sure was and I did this for a little over a year!  Kudos to those photographers that still do this and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Then I decided, for me, it was too much!!!   I would get much better shots for my clients if I was able to stay in one space and put all my energy and efforts into capturing moments for them instead of loading, unloading, set up, session, take down, load…. you get the drift!  So, I put my heart into trying to make my unfinished basement as cozy as possible without having to break the bank.  I knew someday having a studio space would cost me greatly but the benefits would be sooooo amazing.  So for the next year, my amazing clients (though I was extremely embarrassed but tried not to show it), were welcomed into my home to the “basement”!  Ugh…. just saying that is hard!  But my clients were amazing and never once complained and always had the sweetest things to say about the space!  So I continued to click away with camera in hand, session after session, working an extra nursing job to put money in the bank, missing valuable time with my family for the next LONG year and some odd months!  Then the time came in October 2012 that I started making phone calls to contractors!  Gulp!!! The price… outrageous!!!  I knew what I wanted in the space and had to find the right people to make it happen.  Once I found that person we had a tentative start date of January 2013!

January came and I had to put things on hold… needed to save a few more pennies and I was getting cold feet!  I was so afraid that maybe my clients didn’t want to come to my home for their newborn and baby sessions!  I was so close to my goal and I was scared of making a horrible mistake for the business!  With fear in my belly I turned to facebook and began emailing clients seeking their opinion and what they wanted when booking a session!  The overall census was shocking to me!  My clients begged me not to go outside of my home!!!!  They loved it there and the cozy home environment!  So with their support I confirmed the decision and made that last phone call to the contractors!  The date was set!  March 12th was the official breaking ground day for the new studio!  I remember my husband at the time saying… “there is no way we will make it!  We won’t have all the funds!”  And if anyone knows me, at all, when I set my mind to something… get out of the way… I will make it happen!

March 12th came… it was here… I was giddy (as if I was about to have another baby) as I welcomed the contractors into my home at 730 am that Tuesday morning! Me.. giddy at 730 am… NEVER HAPPENS… I MEAN, NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!  I embraced every sound of saws cutting through the wood and managed not to mind too badly the dry wall that filled the rest of my home!  The progress every day was so rewarding and a tangible reminder of how far I had come since the first session I had ever done!  Thank you God for your overflowing of blessings!  I am so glad to tell you that in 2.5 weeks the space was complete!!!!  And it was paid for… 100%!  Such a huge accomplishment and I could not be happier!  So without further rambling on my part…

Here is what the space looked like right before renovations…

 And here is the space as it progressed… my apologies for the cell phone pic but wanted to include it!  Hope you don’t mind!!!!

  And here is the studio today!  Not complete… still in need of many canvases to be hung and new furniture…

but I could not be more proud of the space!!!!!

And a huge thank you to my family and clients!  This space and dream never would have happened if it wasn’t for you!!!!


  • April 12, 2013 - 7:57 pm

    Gillian B - That’s awesome. If I said I was shocked and amazed- I don’t think it would cover it. It looks incredible… and now you have a mom cave. 😉ReplyCancel

  • April 12, 2013 - 11:15 pm

    Lindsey Harwath - SOOOOO HAPPY for you and can’t wait to see it this summer 😀ReplyCancel

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