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It’s not often that I post personal stuff… but I am deciding to start blogging more and to let my followers learn a little bit more about me… the girl behind the camera!  So today… I’m going to talk to you about my furry family members…but… stay with me… there will be a newborn offer at the end of this post!

I am a PET LOVER!  I believe I got this “pet loving gene” from both my parents, who got it from their parents!  I grew up always having a pet around!  From the time I was brought into this world I was surrounded by doggies!  My parents and grandparents (on my mom’s side) raised Pekingese dogs.  My first true love doggie was a pekingese named “Bandit”… I will never forget his sweet little face… he was black with one white patch.  So precious.  And as I grew up in Charleston, SC we added to our doggie family.  By the time I was in college, my mom had 5 dogs at one point…YIKES!  So needless to say, our family LOVES animals!

When I met my husband… he grew up in a “we are not pet people” home.  I for the life of me, could not figure this out.  And his parents aren’t just “non pet people”… they DISLIKE them!  So you can guess what type of DRAMA this has created for me and MY FAMILY (that’s a LONG blog post in itself) ;)… anyways… over the past 17 years that hubby and I have been married… needless to say… I have converted HIM!  We have a doggie… Her name is Rudy!  She is a chocolate havenese who is almost 3 years old!  She is attached to my hip… seriously!  We love her… she’s a bit noisy when visitors come, but nonetheless she is the perfect dog for our family!  And just recently… thanksgiving, as a matter of fact… we adopted 2 kittens!  Our sweet Leo & Sasha!

I was NEVER a cat person per say… but… I will tell you… these RAGDOLL kittens OWN ME!  After having them… I will never be without one!  And I’m just fine as I age to be known as the “grumpy ol’ cat lady”… they are the most amazing, docile, sweet, follow-me-around-the-house- kittens! If I am ever stressed… they are my reliever!  Love them to the moon and back!

So… what does this have to do with newborn photography???… Nothing… except I am going to start “Fun Friday” on my blog!  The “Fun Friday” will sometimes be just fun facts about me, my family, or my business.  Since today is my first “Fun Friday” blog post… I thought… hmmm…what could be better then to kick it off with a DISCOUNT & A FREEBIE ON A NEWBORN SESSION!  That’s right!!!!!  I have a couple openings in APRIL for 2 newborn sessions!  The first 2 people to book a newborn session for the month of APRIL (a new client & the session must take place in APRIL ) will receive $50 off their session fee & 25 FREE birth announcements!  

So there you have it… me loving my furry family and sharing them with you!  And a discount & freebie to add with it!  Thanks for reading and happy “Fun Friday“!


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