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I must say… I am one of the reluctant ones…

When I heard of the new google+ platform for media sharing, my initial thoughts were… “Ugh!  Just one more thing I have to manage in terms of media sources”… and while this is true, I must say, once I got passed the difficulty of the initial set up, I have been quite pleased.  The main reason… IMAGE QUALITY!  “What do you mean?” you might ask … well… I’m glad you asked!  As a professional photographer, I want to SHOWCASE my work.  I want the work that I post to convey the quality it’s meant to.  One of the things I have been so frustrated with as of late, is how my images have been appearing on Facebook!  The image quality is HORRIBLE!  And I know for certain, I am speaking for a HUGE % of other photographers out there… so when I made the leap to see what this google+ thingy was all about… the first thing I noticed was that my images looked like they were MEANT TO!  Yay!  Big win for me, big win for google+!  :) While, most of my clients have not navigated over to google+ yet… I hope they will soon.  I hope that daily my following will increase as my clients realize the same things I have!  So… if you haven’t navigated over to google+… I would love for you to!  AND… I have provided the link to where you can find me:  just click: HERE!  

And of course… I can’t write a post and not share an image of an adorable little squishy newborn, so here ya go…

WNY Newborn Photography

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