{Custom Photography}

To me, custom photography is about relationships!  It’s NOT about me just walking through your door, meeting you at a location, welcoming you to my studio and sitting you down for the traditional “cheese”, click, photography session!  It’s about capturing fleeting candid, life-as-it-happens moments that will flood your heart with joy.  It’s about the emotion evoked when you see your images hanging on your walls.  My goal is that your heart is warmed and brings you back to one of your favorite life moments!  It’s about building a lasting relationship with clients that transcends through time bringing joy to my life and yours.  It’s about the processing of your images after our time together and turning them into pieces of art and not just a photograph!  Custom photography to me, is giving you a piece of my heart and bonding it with yours!

I treat my photography as a one-on-one experience.  Capturing the true essence of you, your child, and your family.  Unlike any other purchase in your life, custom photography will evoke in you the memories of a moment frozen in time;  a keepsake that is yours to share, display, and pass down through generations.  There are many steps involved in processing your images from a snapshot to a piece of art.  Each image I share with you requires hours of preparation before, during and after the session itself.  True custom photography is paying careful attention to those tiny details and created with deep passion, commitment, and love.

If you wish to book a session with Candidly Inspired Photography please contact me at: or use the “Contact” in the menu bar above or on the home page!