Project 52 week 19 | Lancaster NY Family Photography

So here we are at week 19 and I am a bit nervous about posting this image for several reasons…

#1.  The image was taken with my cell phone

#2.  The emotion this image provoked in me

#3.  The dept of sharing I will be doing in this post!

This week’s themes were “weather and imperfection” … and WOW!!!!  When I captured this image with cell phone in hand, it could not have fit more perfectly for this week’s theme and oddly enough, it didn’t hit me until the following day that I could use this image for my project this week.  So here is the story behind this image.

As many of you know, I embarked on a nursing career prior to my pursuit of photography and still work as a pediatric oncology nurse part time.  As I was walking into the hospital the other night I was having a conversation with myself and asking God, “With how little I currently work in this profession, do I really make a difference with these kiddos who are fighting for their lives?  Cancer makes me SO MAD God and even madder that precious kids have to be effected by it.  How in my few days a month, can I possibly make a difference in their fight and journey?”  No sooner did I walk through the door to my unit and round the corner into the nursing lounge and look straight ahead… this was the sight I saw….

Immediately I gasped and grabbed my phone and snapped the picture.  As I stood there peering out the window, I was reminded of the Bible story I have heard many times about God putting a rainbow in the sky to remind Noah of his promise that He would never flood the earth again.  My mind immediately went to another  verse I have heard many times, “Whoever can be trusted with very little, can be trusted with much…”.  Without getting all spiritual on everyone as I know this is not the platform for such… I was instantly in AWE… in the hours ahead of me, I was being trusted with these precious kiddos to give them my absolute best by not only my boss, my hospital, and these precious families and children, but God too was trusting me to give these kids the BEST care possible!”

At that moment I realized that regardless of the “hours” I work on a monthly basis, my presence and responsibility is ENORMOUS and It is MY CHOICE to make a difference in those moments!  Thank you God for the reminder that even in the imperfection of me as a person, the “Imperfection” of this “weather” image, that I can make a difference in my small corner of the world as a mother, wife, nurse and aspiring photographer!


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