Project 52: Week 8 | Lancaster NY Photography

So here we are at week 8 in the project 52.  The themes for this week are:  simplicity and light.
Here is my simplicity image…. it is rare that I get to photograph any of my boys when they have “slowed down”… if you have boys, you know how difficult it is!  It is even MORE RARE to capture my boys sleeping.  I honestly don’t think that I have captured this little guy sleeping since he was a year old.  Sad, I know.  But when I caught a glimpse of my little guy, I knew I had to steal this moment in time!  To me, this image is simplicity in it’s rawest form…


The second theme is:  light!  I immediately knew that I wanted to take a picture of this “light” when this theme rolled around.  There is something about this candle and holder that illuminates the most amazing light.


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