Project 52 Weeks 7-9

Here are my last few weeks of my project 52:  starting with week 9 and working my way back to week 7



When I think about the color white… my first thought ALWAYS goes back to the day of my wedding. I had all the dreams every little girl does… a white flowing gown, a sparkling white diamond to adorn my finger, a long whisky veil… and the dream goes on and on. And while I did in fact wear a white flowing gown and received a white diamond to adorn my finger… the day for me goes far beyond that. I recall feeling so dirty and anything BUT “white” that day. I was marrying into a family that was not ready for me…a broken girl from a broken home with only a heart full of passion and longing to be loved. A girl, in fact, that was not accepted at all. The purity of that day and everything “white” about it was tarnished.

But as I sit here today, nearly 15 years later, recalling that day of bitter sweetness and every time I look at the white diamond that adorns my finger; I am overcome with the certainty that I AM loved and accepted! Sometimes men will not accept me the way I wish or desire, but I have a God in Heaven that loves me with a love of complete purity. I am far from perfect… that I am certain… I’m still the girl who is broken, building a home that is not, a heart full of passion and still longing to be loved.. but today I am thankful that my God loves me and has washed me “white as snow” {Isaiah 1:18}!


Week 8:  {So Inspired}

My boys are my greatest inspiration… and this image was taken randomly after I had a session in the studio… but it’s going to be canvased HUGE in my home!



Week 7:  {Composed}

Simple. Beautiful. Composed

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