What to Wear

My philosophy when it comes to clothes and photography is:  simplicity with a little punch!  I like to keep my focus on my subjects without the distraction of elaborate colors, patterns, etc.  Loose fitting, solid colors and minimal patterns are a preference and will photograph nicely.  Khakis, jeans, and simple sundresses are a few favorites.  Adding the “punch” involves the accessories:  a fun hat, scarf, sunglasses, or a funky belt.  But don’t over do it.  Simple is classic!

Bare skin is my favorite for photographing newborns, babies and their siblings.  Incorporating multiple outfit changes for newborns and babies can lead to a grumpy subject.  In my opinion, there is just something so magical and natural about skin on skin contact with new babies and their parents/siblings.

For family and group sessions, each individual plays an important role.  It is best to have an overall tone of color for the image.  The colors do not all have to be the same, just in the same tone family.  Please be mindful of strips, patterns, wording/logos on clothing as this can draw the eye in and lead to distraction.

It is my suggestion to bring a few outfit changes to your session (or call me prior to your session) so that I may help you achieve the overall look and feel you are hoping to communicate in your photographs.  Clothing should compliment your session and not complicate it, so I am always here to help!

Here are a few websites to help point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing what to wear:

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